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Are Yandiya heaters Lot 20 compliant?

Yes. When bought with our programmable thermostatic controls, all our products are fully compliant with the Lot 20 Government Directive.

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What Independent Accreditation and Certifications do Yandiya Heaters hold?

Independently tested and verified by the EU energy committee as the most efficient and best performing Far Infrared Heating Heaters in the industry. This is confirmed with the A+ ERP Ecodesign certification awarded, complete with real consumption information for each of our heaters, showing just how efficient our heaters can be. No other competitor has this level of commitment and detail provided for their heaters. Therefore, they cannot prove how efficient their heaters are, whereas we can.

We also hold the prestigious “Rheinland” certificate from the German research establishment TÜV. This verifies the quality standard achieved through the whole manufacturing process at the factory as well as the end product Health & Safety standard and compatibility with current world standards for human health and electrical appliances.

Please note our competitors do not have this level of thorough quality, health and safety compliance as they may have very simple TÜV “SUD” compliance, but TÜV “Rheinland” is a much higher and in-depth quality, health & safety inspection, where physical representation and testing is performed at the factory level on the whole manufacturing process as well as the final product.

We hold RoHS, CE Safety and REACH Compliancy.

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How do Yandiya heaters work?

Yandiya heaters are made from Carbon crystal elements with thermal insulation included. They work by converting electricity to emit natural invisible radiant light rays which heat the surrounding mass in the area. Yandiya Heaters average between 80-100 degrees centigrade and gently warm physical objects like the building itself, furniture and people, unlike conventional heating that only heat the air that can then escape when a door or window is opened.

Radiant heat also uniformly heats the area with the temperature difference between the bottom to top of the area having only 1 or 2° C difference as opposed to conventional heating where the hot air rises to the top creating a temperature difference of up to 6° C from bottom to top of the heated area. This is very inefficient meaning the radiators have to work harder than our heaters to maintain the set temperature in the heated area.

Are your heaters safe?

Yandiya far infrared heaters are completely safe.

Like the Sun, Yandiya far infrared heating is 100% natural for our bodies and our well-being. The human body itself accepts and emits heat via infrared waves, therefore it is more natural and beneficial than conventional convection heaters.

Far Infrared heating mildly penetrates the air and heats mass, providing a more comfortable feeling of heat, just like the Sun, but without the harmful rays the sun also emits.

Do rooms take a long time to heat up?

Dependent on the ambient temperature and heat retention of the building, this can vary.

As Yandiya Far infrared heaters heat the thermal mass of the building initially this may take several hours to bring up the temperature of the area to the set temperature.

However, once the set temperature has been achieved, then Yandiya heaters will maintain this temperature much more efficiently than conventional heaters, as it requires much less energy and will only be topping up the temperature every now and again via the programmable thermostatic control system.

This is because the mass in the heated area will be radiating the heat back into the area. In effect making the surface area one big radiator, where all surfaces will be nice and warm to the touch.

How easy is it to install the heaters?

The heaters are very easy to install and only require an electric source and a suitable place on the wall or the ceiling to attach to.

Compared to other heating technology i.e. gas boiler systems, heat pump, storage heaters, underfloor heating etc. our heaters are easier and quicker to install. Saving you time and money in installation, whilst only creating minor disruption.

*We recommend the Yandiya products to be installed by a Professional Electrician.

Can we self install the heaters?

Yes you can, however we advise that you use a Professional Electrician to install the heaters for them to work at their optimum performance and to qualify for our 5 or 10 year product warranty.

Optimum heater placement?

The heaters should not be obstructed by anything and to achieve the best placement, they should be located centrally high up on the wall or better still on the ceiling for maximum performance and efficiency.

They then, can provide maximum heat coverage by radiating heat in all directions.

Can you provide more information on the technology?

For more information about Infrared Heat as a technology, please follow this link.

Can the Panels be painted on?

Yes of course. If you have a budding artist in the family or want to match the wall paint colour, then there is no problem with painting on the White Aluminium Yandiya Panel Heaters.

However, we only recommend using water-based paint and emulsion as oil-based paint will discolour over time.

Can the heaters be used in bathrooms?

Our Glass and Mirror Panel range can be used anywhere in bathrooms as they are IP65 rated, waterproof, and therefore safe to use in this environment. Unlike our competitors that only have IP44, they are limited to specific zones within the bathroom.

Are the heaters safe to touch?

Touching any kind of heater will result in risk of injury. However, due to the way far infrared heating works, on initial touch you will feel it as hot but are unlikely to be burned unless you prolong your touch. The surface temperature of our heaters is between 80-100 degrees centigrade.

Another benefit of optimum placement of our heaters high on the wall or on the ceiling, it’s out of harms reach from children and the elderly compared to conventional radiators, which are low and easy to reach.

All Yandiya products are certified to national health & safety standards.

What control systems can be used with our heaters?

Using our programmable smart thermostats T13 & T19, you can easily set the time and temperature for each zone within the building. Potentially building a system that can individually control the temperature of each area/room. Providing a greater energy efficient and cost-effective system overall.

Please note that due to Lot 20 compliance, our heaters will need to be bought with our T13 & T19 smart programmable thermostats as a solution.

Please follow the link to our thermostat range.

What are the maintenance & servicing costs for Yandiya heaters?

Another great benefit to you from Yandiya Heaters is there are no requirements for maintenance or servicing. As long as they have been installed correctly by a Professional Electrician, then all that is required is to keep them unobstructed and clean using a dry cloth.

This also saves the cost of annual servicing that you find with typical gas boiler systems.

Why choose Yandiya?

Yandiya are the industry leaders with the best performing, most efficient and best designed radiant heaters out there. With 20+ years in the far infrared heating industry, we’ve built a reputation of quality, dependability and innovation, which is prevalent in our extensive range of heaters that cover the widest range of applications.

All our heaters have been independently tested by TUV Rheinland & EU Energy Committee to the highest quality, performance and health & safety standards. Proven by the A+ ERP ratings amongst other certifications our products carry, which no other manufacturer can provide.

By choosing Yandiya heaters, rest assured, you will be choosing the best infrared heaters on the market backed with the best Accreditation and Certification that will pass any building regulation and potentially raise the EPC rating of your building to a much higher level.

How do I report damage to a heater on delivery?

DO NOT sign for the delivery if you suspect there is damage to the box or the heater. Contact Customer Services at Yandiya Technologies Ltd, +44 (0)1329 556575, immediately, quoting your order details.

Where can I find instruction manuals or the mounting template?

Please visit our Download Section to obtain a copy.

How do I heat my water?

We provide a complimentary electrical water heating solution to go with our heaters, thereby negating the need for a gas boiler system.

Please contact us for further details.

How much energy will I save from having Yandiya Infrared heaters installed?

Yandiya heaters have the potential to save you up to 60% cost savings compared to traditional heating systems.

This is due to the different way it heats compared to traditional heating systems. By heating the fabric of the building as opposed to the air, far infrared heating can achieve efficiency levels far greater than conventional heating systems and therein lies the secret to the energy and cost savings.

All electrical energy used by infrared systems is converted into heat. Through individual room or zonal control, Yandiya Infrared heaters offer owners unparalleled levels of control over their property’s temperature and energy use.

See how it compares to other heating alternatives by following this link.

What is the heater lifespan?

All our panel heaters come with a 5 or 10 year guarantee with a 20 year service life. We only use the highest quality of materials and advanced heating elements available. The heaters use solid state elements therefore will not require servicing, inspection and repair costs. Yandiya Far Infrared heaters require no maintenance or servicing. So no reinstallation of broken down gas boilers after 10 years.

note: Outdoor & High Output Heaters come with a 2 year guarantee with a 10 year service life.