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Ruby Ceramic IR Heaters - 1500w - 2200w

Ruby Ceramic IR Heaters

Yandiya’s Tinted Glass ceramic screen, spreads comfort across the area while minimizing light emissions. Aesthetically pleasing, elegantly understated to create comfort while blending in with the environment. IP65 protection is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

IR-B mid-wave infrared technology, wind resistant.

Multiple Mounting Options, Wall Ceiling, suspended and recessed Mounting.

Two models with or without Remote Control.

  • Spreads comfort evenly across an area while minimizing light emission
  • Homogeneous heat distribution and reduction of hot spots
  • Subtle Aesthetics, elegantly understated to create comfort while blending into the environment
  • Easy to clean surface and prevent dust from polluting reflector and heating tube

Ceramic glass panel, low glare, "0" hot-shrinkage rate.
Stylish design, IP65 water proof rate suitable for any interior decoration or outdoor environment
Anodized Aluminum alloy casing in silver color, is suitable for long life outdoor using Red ruby Infrared lamp, Up to 5000 hours life,
IR-A short wave, wind resistant
Visible light < 300 lux
Remote control : ON/OFF, 3 power mode (100% 66% 33%) and Up to 1+2 = 3 Hours delayoff timer

Stainless steel Wall-mounted or ceiling bracked, adjustable angel is 45°
Economical to operate, high heating efficiency

Zero maintenance

Sizes & Wattage

Sizes (mm) Rated Power Weight Coverage Controls  
902*170*78 1500Watt 7kg 15 ㎡ Manual on/off
902*170*78 1800Watt 7kg 18 ㎡ Manual on/off
902*170*78 2200Watt 7kg 23 ㎡ Manual on/off
902*170*78 1500Watt 7kg 15 ㎡ 3 power settings (w/Remote)
902*170*78 1800Watt 7kg 18 ㎡ 3 power settings (w/Remote)
902*170*78 2200Watt 7kg 23 ㎡ 3 power settings (w/Remote)

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