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IR Towel Rail Heaters - 120w-320w

IR Towel Rail Heaters

The Yandiya’s solution to bathroom towel dryer heaters is to offer stylish rail heaters that dry towels to leave them with a naturally fresh and sun-dried feel.

Low energy consumption heaters are available in 120 watts, 160 watts & 320 watts.

Our heated towel rails provide comfort and warmth, complemented by a sleek and elegant design.

Its subtle and elegant appearance makes it particularly suitable for bathrooms where it blends easily with any interior.

IP65 Rated with simple on/off switch, or can be controlled via thermostat controls.

Sizes & Wattage

Sizes (mm) Rated Power Weight Coverage
505*900*70 120Watt 5.6 3.8㎡
505*900*70 160Watt 5.6 4.1㎡
505*900*70 320Watt 5.6 5.2㎡

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