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Aluminium IR Panels - 350w-1200w

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Aluminium powdered coated satin finish surface of our Frameless IR Panels, with an even heat desperation across the surface making it the highest performance IR heater available.

Insulated with an internal 13mm pad, making sure a 98% generation of heat with no loss through the back.

The four sizes incorporate the discreet sizes of 595 x 595 and the 595 x 1195 can be wall mounted or placed into a suspended ceiling grid in place of the white ceiling tiles, thereby heating the room from above.

As with all of our IR Panel Heaters, the Frameless IR Panels are supplied with all the fixing materials necessary.

Sizes & Wattage

Sizes (mm) Rated Power Amps Coverage  
595*595 350Watt 1.52 5.14-6.61㎡
595*795 500Watt 2.17 7.35-8.33㎡
250*2000 600Watt 2.61 9.74-10.31㎡
595*1195 800Watt 3.47 11.76-13.33㎡
795*1195 1200Watt 5.21 17.64-21.24㎡
150*500 70Watt (Mini Plinth Panel) 0.3 2.8㎡

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