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Curved Portable IR Heaters - 400w

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Do you know what’s terrible about regular portable heaters? They’re ugly, really ugly. Usually as aesthetically pleasing as a warthog and about as stylish. Why has nothing been done about this?

Light weight (2.13kg), petite (550 x 175mm) and with an elegant, arched design finally it’s possible to have a beautiful, efficient portable electric heater.

Perfect for heating conservatories, caravans, mobile homes and much more.

This is just one of the many benefits of this clever panel which include:

  • No installation necessary. Ideal for those in rented properties. no need for approval from a landlord.
  • Ultra slim
  • Sleek, rounded design that would adorn any room.
  • Robust, durable frame that keeps the panel steady when it’s stood freely.
  • Healthy direct heat also good for pets.
  • Uses only 0.1kw per hour
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Evenly distributed heat via infrared rays. No more cold spots.
  • Unique Yandiya core/element.

Sizes & Wattage

Sizes (mm) Rated Power Amps Coverage  
550*500*175 - Red 400Watt 1.52 4.12-5.14㎡
550*500*175 - Black 400Watt 1.52 4.12-5.14㎡
550*500*175 - White 400Watt 1.52 4.12-5.14㎡

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