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Nano-Tech - Underfloor Heating

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Our electric underfloor heating system is composed from a carbon mixture of polymer nanoparticles.

When AC voltage is applied to the serial-connected heating elements, heat is generated from an electrical resistance that forms when kinetic energy of the carbon mixture nanoparticles converts into heat energy.

Our system utilises radiant energy from the floors radiant heat and far-infrared radiation, which results in a safe & healthy heating environment to experience.

This is an effective power-saving heating system with excellent thermal efficiency.


Surface Design Nanotechnology ‘PTC’
Heating Element Conductive materials and polyethylene resins
Material Infrared Carbon Nanoparticals & Polypropylene
Construction Polypropylene and resistant infrared carbon bars
Fixings Floor or Walls
Connection 2 meter cable
Surface Temperature <60°C +/-10% - Room <400C +/-10
Service Life 20 years
Warranty *5 Years (Conditions Apply)
IP Rating IP65

Sizes & Wattage

Sizes (mm) Rated Power Amps Coverage  
2.5㎡ 325Watt - 3.2㎡
(9㎡) - 3x3㎡ 1170Watt - 9㎡
(12㎡) - 4x4㎡ 1560Watt - 12㎡
(25㎡) - 5x5㎡ 3250Watt - 16㎡

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